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Series Blitz with Excerpt and Giveaway ~ Black Ties Duet by Brynn Ford

Title: Blue
Author: Brynn Ford
Series: Black Ties #1
Publication date: September 15th 2019
Genres: Erotica Romance


“Whatever your dark tastes may be, this is where you transition from your tattered and stained and mundane life into Black Ties, our underground world of pain and pleasure, dominance and submission.”

Desi is no stranger to pain. Her young, newlywed life had been blissfully perfect before tragedy turned it into daily emotional hell. When she meets a kind stranger outside a mysterious members only club, she’s drawn into a secret world that promises to show her how to turn her pain into pleasure.

Vaughn would do anything to protect his wife and save his marriage. When he discovers unexplainable bruises and marks on her body after solo outings late at night, he resolves to discover the secrets she’s been keeping and fight for their marriage at all costs.

Will Desi’s secrets destroy her?

Can Vaughn fulfill his wife’s darkest desires?

With hope, Desi and Vaughn attempt to find the beauty of letting go while fighting the demons of their past that threaten to destroy them for good.

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit scenes and mature themes. Desi’s story features a sexual journey that involves kink, bondage, multiple partners, a sex club, and questionable fidelity (with a purpose). It is not a standalone and the books must be read in order. This is book 1 of 2.

Title: Switch
Author: Brynn Ford
Series: Black Ties #2
Publication date: December 17th 2019
Genres: Erotica Romance


“Falling in love with a friend is terrifying. Especially if you’ve fallen in love before only to lose it in the most tragic way possible. It’s that much harder when you know the pain that could be waiting right around the corner.”



The man I had built a life with tried to kill me, shattering my existence as I knew it.

I was broken and lonely when my dominant friend-slash-ex came to my rescue, promising to guide me back to empowerment. But I wanted more from him than he was capable of giving.

I tried to be okay with our uneven balance of power, and it worked for a while, but eventually my heart spoke out against it.

It told me I couldn’t lose myself in submission to him.

It told me to demand he get down on his knees for me when I wanted to switch.

It told me he could never change for me.

It told me not to fall in love.

“I never stopped missing the way Law could bring me to my knees with a flick of his eyes, the way he could make my legs tremble with a simple soft whisper.”

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit scenes and mature themes. Ris’ story features sexual healing that involves kink, dominance & submission, multiple partners (including same sex), and a sex club. It is not a standalone and the books must be read in order. This is book 2 of 2.

Goodreads / Amazon

Get book 1 for only 99¢ for a limited time!


I pushed out a breath rather dramatically, “Oh, boy. Well, I can say with compete honesty that I did not expect this kind of action and excitement this evening.”

He raised an eyebrow at me while I signed and pushed the papers back to him, “And yet you’re still here. It’s intriguing, really.”

“I know, right?” I grinned, “Next.”

“Common Safeword and Consent Policy. This is very important, Blue, especially because you’re new to this world. You’ll see things that surprise you downstairs. You may see things that disturb you or concern you. But I want you to know that our members’ safety is our priority. That’s why all members and their guests must adhere to a common safeword policy. We push limits here, Blue. We skirt the edge of our boundaries, waltz across the line, see if we can push it just a little further.”

Law came alive as he spoke, eyes sparkling with passion. He was telling me about something that outwardly seemed so crude and taboo but explained it all with such poise and conviction. This world was important to him, it belonged to him, and he belonged to it. It chilled me to see that kind of affinity. It gave me goosebumps to listen to him explain these rules.

He continued, “It is possible that someone might say no as a reflex, without really meaning it. For some, saying no is part of the fun. Consent always has to be given explicitly here. And it can still be given even if someone is screaming for you to stop. But it only works if everyone understands and follows the rules and we enforce them fiercely. No one here should ever fear being forced to do something they haven’t consented to.”

I watched him in consideration, “Am I gonna need any safewords tonight, Law?”

I saw a flicker of interest brush across his eyes as I immediately realized my tone had sounded inviting. Unintentionally inviting.

I shouldn’t have said that.

Why did I say that?

“No, not unless you consent to putting yourself in that position,” he looked suddenly disappointed, “And as you are happily married and without your husband this evening, I imagine you won’t want to do that.”

“No,” the word tasted bad coming out of my mouth, “I don’t want to do that tonight.”

“Then you won’t, Blue. Not tonight.”

Not tonight?

Author Bio:

Brynn Ford is an independent author of romance in all of its beautiful and sensually taboo forms. She is a lover of the dark, twisted, and playful and strives to bring the unmentionable aspects of passionate romance into her stories.

Brynn resides in the Midwest with her husband and sons, whom she expects will someday be embarrassed by their mom’s books. When she isn’t obsessively writing, you may find her binge watching favorite shows while eating far too much junk food or fanatically reading, always seeking to lose herself in the emotional roller coaster of a damn good story.

She is quite the idealist, despite her fascination with the wicked and warped aspects of humanity. Some of her stories may run out of words before a happily ever after, but she’s a firm believer that her characters continue to live on outside the pages in the minds of her readers. Stories don’t end just because there aren’t anymore pages to turn.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram

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Blitz with Excerpt and Giveaway ~ The Escape Artist by Kitty Thomas

Title: The Escape Artist
Author: Kitty Thomas
Publication date: January 14th 2020
Genres: Erotica, Romance


Claire was held captive for 43 days by a man who did unspeakable things to her.

Three years after her escape, she gets her revenge. The only problem is, she’s got the wrong man.

God help her if he escapes.

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Claire pushed the memories away, gripping the leather arm rests, willing her heartbeat and breathing to calm. That was him. She had him in a cell. That was the guy. He had a scar where she’d cut him. How could he lie to her with such a straight face when they both knew he had that scar and how he’d gotten it?

Because he’s a sociopath, Claire. He isn’t like normal people.

She couldn’t let herself forget that—what he was. She couldn’t let herself be tricked by the beautiful monster into setting him free and losing her own life. She got up and went to the kitchen, taking another bottle of beer from the fridge. This one she drank all the way down until a light pleasant buzz of calm skated across her skin. She took a long, steadying breath and grabbed the broom and dustbin.

When she returned to the cell, at least the arrogance had left his face. Maybe he was starting to understand his situation, that the tables had turned and he was now at her mercy. Let him lie about things, as long as she could wipe the smug smile off his face.

She silently swept up the shards of the beer bottle. The last thing she needed was for him to have a weapon. That had been his mistake with her after all.

“You can still let me go,” he said. His voice was so gentle and soothing. Calm and reasonable.

He’d never spoken to her like that in the basement. Of course not, he’d had the power then. He has to placate you now.

Claire just laughed. “Right. I’m going to let you go so you can hurt me again. Am I supposed to believe you’re reformed? After me, you stopped torturing and killing women? You realized the error of your ways?”

“What’s your name?” he asked, changing tactics. “My name…”

“Shut UP! If you speak your name I’ll kill you. I swear to fuck I will. I NEVER want to hear your fucking name. EVER. Don’t you try to humanize yourself. You’re a fucking monster, and you know it!”

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly, holding his hands up in surrender.

No he wasn’t, he was placating her.

“What’s your name, then?” he said, trying again.

“You know my fucking name. You used to hiss it in my ear while you were…” she trailed off, unable to say the words. She turned away from him and took a deep breath, quickly wiping the tears that threatened to spill over. She was not going to cry in front of him anymore. She’d cried all the tears for him she would cry.

She had the power now. Not him. NOT him. But she was shaking. She could feel the light tremors in her arms. He must be able to see them. He was the one chained up, and he was going to break her again.


“It’s okay if you don’t have it in you to hurt me. I don’t think you’re that kind of person,” he said gently.

“Just shut the fuck up!” she screamed. “I should starve you, just like you starved me for the tiniest act of defiance.” She turned back to finish sweeping the stray shards into the dustpan.

“Look at me,” he said.

It was a fucking command. He thought he could order her around when he was the prisoner? But she turned and looked at him.

“I would never starve you. Ever,” he said, holding her gaze in his.

He’d already starved her, and they both knew it. These head games… she had to regroup her strategy or he was going to get inside her head and mess with it. If she lost her nerve… if he got free again, he’d kill her this time. She was already in too deep. She had to get her shit together and finish this. It was the only choice.

Author Bio:

KITTY THOMAS writes dark stories that play with power and have unconventional HEAs. She began publishing in early 2010 with her bestselling COMFORT FOOD and is considered one of the original authors of the dark romance subgenre.

To find out FIRST when a new book comes out, subscribe to Kitty’s New Release List: KITTYTHOMAS.COM

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Book and Main Bites

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Blitz with Excerpt and Giveaway ~ Mistress by R. Katz

Title: Mistress
Author: R. Katz
Publication date: December 2nd 2019
Genres: Erotica, Romance


When Katherine Collins interviews for an executive position with the Nielsen Agency’s CEO, Vincent Juliano, she meets a man who is just as devilishly handsome as he is successful. Katherine soon embarks on a full-blown affair with her new boss, only to find that he holds a dominant, dark side that knows no boundaries.

Unable to resist this sexy, mysterious man, Katherine finds herself wrapped up in a seductive world that she never knew existed, and powerless to escape. But when the lines between business and pleasure begin to blur, Juliano makes Katherine an offer she can’t refuse, forcing her to choose between her career and the man she can’t give up.

Goodreads / Amazon


It’s after midnight by the time we pull up to my house. As Vincent shifts the car into park, he looks over at me uncomfortably.

“I hate to ask this, but…” He winces. “Would I be able to use your restroom? It’s a long drive to Malibu and I really don’t want to stop.”

I’m so drunk at this point, I could care less if he asked to spend the night. “Sure,” I slur, gesturing to the curb. “You can park there. It’s street parking. I don’t have a guest spot.”

He seems relieved as he parks the car alongside the curb, gets out and follows me inside. Thank God for the wine. Otherwise, having my boss inside my apartment would be way too much to handle.

I close the door behind us and notice that Vincent is eyeing every square inch of my living room. “Nice place,” he comments, making his way towards the kitchen.

“Bathroom is over there.” I point to the door down the hallway, then take a seat on my sofa. I remove my shoes and lay down, still mildly pissed at how the night turned out so much different than I’d expected.

Vincent disappears into the bathroom, then returns a few minutes later and takes a seat next to me on the sofa.

“Too much wine?” he jokes, nudging my thigh playfully.

“Too much wine,” I agree, resting my head against a pillow.

He studies me for a moment with an amused expression on his face, but says nothing. It’s hard to stay mad at him when he looks at me like that. God, he’s so sexy. Those thick lips. Even his scent is sexy. It takes everything I have to keep my hands off him.

I stare back at him in silence. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

“So, will I see you at work tomorrow?” he asks, touching my thigh again. I know what he’s doing. He’s testing my body language to see how I react. If I touch him back, it means I’m interested. Then the mild flirting escalates. And escalates. Into something that is a very, very, very bad idea.

I sit upright and turn toward him. I’m so close to him that our faces are almost touching.

“Not a chance.” I grin.

Another silent moment passes between us. Just our eyes, burning into each other. I can’t take this much more. Everything in my body is starting to tingle.

Finally, he breaks the eye contact, glancing toward the door. “Should I go?”

“Do you want to?” I challenge. I’m cursing myself inside. Kat! Yes, he should leave! Tell him yes!

His lips curve upwards, but he says nothing. His eyes slowly drift down my body.

“Do you want me to?” he whispers. The smooth tone of his voice weakens everything in me. I’m wavering. I can feel it.

I shake my head, looking down at the floor. I’m afraid to look at him. He takes my chin in his hand and lifts my face so our eyes meet.

And before I know what’s happening, I’m on his lap.


Author Bio:

R. Katz is the pseudonym for a bestselling young adult author who has published five books to date. Mistress is her first novel in the erotica genre.

Katz grew up on the east coast and now resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Release Day with Excerpt and Giveaway ~ Sins by Soraya Naomi

Title: Sins
Author: Soraya Naomi
Genre: Dark Erotic Modern Historical Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2019


William Kade is a ruthless businessman who plays dirty. He titillates all women and is rejected by none.
An orphan who comes from nothing, William has built an empire from a gaming club and an illegal fight club with his best friend and mentor, Charles. However, when profits decline, Charles and William decide to open the first hardcore sex club in the U.S.
With plans in the works to expand that business, they’re forced to take drastic measures to secure enough cash to pay the gaming club debts. Drastic measures that involve Ivy, a woman William already has unfinished business with. A woman who might be the only female that equally annoys and intrigues him.
But when William and Ivy start playing a dangerous game, the stakes become higher with each passing day until no one can find a sane way out.
A dark erotic, modern historical romance.
From Soraya Naomi, International Bestselling Author of the Chicago Syndicate series.
Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited

William snagged a glass of champagne from a passing footman’s tray and downed it in one gulp in time to deposit the empty glass on another, replacing it with a second drink. A smirk flitted across his face when he spotted the woman in the blue dress in the far corner. It had to be her with those curls flowing magnificently to her lower back, the tips ending right above her ass – an ass he could sink his teeth into. Why he needed to see her face, he didn’t know or particularly care. Moving toward her, he noticed how she kept quiet and just observed the men around her.

And when she turned her head, William stopped dead in his tracks. As she stood under the light of the chandelier, he noticed that her hair had a deep reddish glow, a color he had certainly not seen before. She was quite young, not yet a woman. Her skin seemed so soft to the touch. And her face was one he was most likely never to forget. Her eyes were a vibrant blue and magnificently huge, made even more remarkable because of her thick, reddish-brown curls. Her high cheekbones and deliciously plump, pink lips caught his attention next. The lady had an air of innocence and arrogance that had his cock twitching in his pants. She was perusing the room with a perceptive expression, and her eyes passed William before she stopped and slowly looked back at him.

He kept his stare locked on her face. There was something familiar in her features.

Her eyes widened a touch when he started to move toward her little group.

“Gentlemen.” He shook hands and smiled at her – she didn’t return the favor.

They all greeted him and relayed him with questions about the gaming club. William answered them while stealing glances at the girl, who was starting to look for an escape.

Did she know William had seen her and her lover in the room?

What really bothered him was why no one had introduced her to him.

When a heated political discussion regarding liquor ignited, William took his opportunity to talk to her.

She was standing right across from him now. He noticed that she was neither short nor tall, but somewhere roughly in the middle. And she had a small dusting of freckles on her nose.

“I don’t believe we’ve been introduced, Miss…”

She arched a perfectly plucked brow but kept silent, leaving William at a loss for words – for the first time ever. She definitely knew he’d caught her in a lover’s embrace.

As he leisurely examined her, he realized she was indeed young but made a considerable effort to look older with makeup and a revealing low cut dress, the swell of her small breasts that were on display absolutely enthralling to him. He took a sip of his drink and kept gawking at her over the rim of his glass since he was enjoying how uncomfortable his attention was making her.

“Stop staring at me,” she hissed, low enough for only William to hear.

A corner of his mouth slowly rose. “Why so shy?”

She straightened her back and ran her fingers through her hair, that air of arrogance still surrounding her, and William thought that perhaps she was one of Anne’s juvenile friends.

“Where were you during dinner?” he wanted to know.

Her lips trembled, and she glanced around anxiously.

Rudely, she spun around to leave, but William stopped her by the elbow, releasing her immediately before anyone saw their encounter.

Then he slipped behind her, without touching, and leaned in close to her ear. “Off to another rendezvous?”

Her head turned, their lips a breath apart, and she answered while gazing at his mouth, “No, not everyone’s like you. At least I have the decency to find the privacy of a room.”

Finally, she admitted that she’d seen him too, probably when he’d had Anne pressed against the wall.

“Who are you?” he blurted, becoming slightly annoyed by her conceit.

She stepped away from him and gave him a brash grin that he felt directly in his cock. “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

William was completely perplexed by this girl, and all he could think to ask was, “How old are you?”

She didn’t utter a word.

“I’ll find out whether you tell me or not,” he added on a whisper.

Without acknowledging his statement, she paced away briskly, leaving the other men oblivious to what had just transpired between the two of them.

William smiled at her retreating form, promising himself to find out more about this smug woman.

Author Bio


Soraya Naomi is the author of the Chicago Syndicate Mafia series. She writes provocative novels with a sinfully seductive blend of romance, suspense & men who love hard and at all costs. The Chicago Syndicate series – #1 Amazon Organized Crime series – has been translated into several languages.

Soraya has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts, Media & Culture from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Apart from indulging in chocolate pastries much too often, Soraya Naomi is also an avid reader. She has a passionate obsession with the written word and reads many genres but favors intense, seductive, and provocative novels where the male character loves fiercely, without remorse or boundaries. She adores Dark Romances, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romances, New Adult, and PNR.

Her debut novel For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1) was released on July 26, 2014. She’s honored that For Fallon won “Best Breakout Novel 2014” in the Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards.

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Release Day with Excerpt and Giveaway ~ The Housekeeper’s Daughter by Dee Palmer

The Housekeeper’s Daughter
Author: Dee Palmer
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Erotic Thriller
Release Date: October 22, 2019


“True love may lay claim on your heart, but a first love brands your soul.”
I loved Atticus with my body and soul.
Until he broke my heart and shattered my trust.
He betrayed me.
But worst of all, 
Six years later he’s made me love him all over again.
Blinded by my desire for revenge,
I didn’t even notice it happen,
Until it was too late. 
Did I learn nothing in the prison he sent me to?
Can I ever trust a word he says?
My carefully woven plans begin to unravel.
Dangerous secrets are uncovered, 
My twisted little games exposed,
Threatening to tear my world apart.
I’m my thirst for revenge, will I destroy everything and
everyone I’ve ever loved?
Or will he break me again. 
The Housekeepers Daughter was previously published as The
Little Games Duet: Wicked Little Games & Twisted Little Games
Purchase Links
99c for a limited time!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Chapter One

“You’re the Devil,” I whisper. It’s barely audible above my own ragged breaths, but he heard me, loud and clear. Striding forward, I match each of his steps with a retreating step of my own. This was a dance we had enjoyed in the past, but not today. I’m grateful when my back finally hits the door of his office; my legs had begun to tremble, and I feared I was about to hit the deck. My hands press against the solid wood for support, and fixing my eyes on his, I start to shake my head. 

A futile non-verbal request for him to stop. 

He steps so close my breath catches, and I actually stop breathing for a moment. Closing my eyes, I drop my chin to my chest. 

Please don’t do this. 

His knuckle brushes my jaw, and he tips my whole face up with his fingertip but makes no other movement, no sound at all. He simply waits. When the silence becomes too much, I open my eyes and meet his gaze.

“I told you I was.” His lips form the perfect smile, and his eyes seem to darken to an impossible shade of midnight blue. 

It’s strange; I always thought the devil would have darker colouring, inky black hair, a deep tan maybe, and eyes you would easily lose your soul to. Not him. Although the eyes are spot on, everything else was way off; he couldn’t look less like the Lucifer of the movies. He is tall, towering over me now, broad, strong shoulders, but slim, fit, stunning actually. His rough blond hair falls over his eyes, and on any other day, that would be a crime. No, he looks more like an angel than the devil I know him to be. He looks like a Nordic God. 

The pain ripping me apart from the inside out escapes in a sob that I can’t contain and takes us both by surprise. My hand flies to my mouth, too late to hide the heartbreak. He laughs, a hollow sound that chills my blood, and even the tender way he tucks my hair away from my face feels too raw. 

Please don’t do this.

“Oh, Princess, you always did know how to make me laugh,” he states with a wry smile that makes my stomach turn.

“My pain amuses you?” I manage to form actual words when I feel utterly speechless and broken.

“No, your naiveté amuses me.” He sighs. “I told you I was the Devil, Tia, and yet you are surprised when I drag you to Hell.” He draws his bottom lip in slowly between his teeth, and even now I can feel my body betray me. My fingers twitch, restless to touch him just one more time. My heart clenches, and there is an unwelcome spark of heat right between my legs. He inhales deeply through his nose and flashes a knowing grin, which adds mortification to my devastation. 

He’s acutely aware of how he affects me; he always has been. 

He chuckles and leans closer. His mouth is just below my ear before he speaks. “Your pain is just a pleasant bonus, princess.”

“Oh, God.” I gasp, my fist clutching at the unbearable pain cleaving through my heart.

“Now, princess, do you really think He will save a little sinner like you? Besides, He really can’t help you now, not when your soul is already mine.” His lips press a kiss on the crook of my neck, and I whimper. They always feel like heaven on my skin, and now it’s no different, except everything is different.

“What do you want?” I’ve lost so much. My tone fails to hide my absolute desolation.


“I gave you everything…I gave you my heart, damn it. I have nothing left.” The tears I have managed to hold at bay fall, bursting unbidden from my eyes as I hold his unwavering gaze.

“Now we both know that’s not true.” He sucks some air through his pursed lips, shaking his head lightly as if he is reprimanding a small child.

“I don’t understand.” I sniff, dragging the back of my hand unceremoniously along the underside of my nose and roughly drying my cheeks in an attempt to regain some composure.

“I think it’s cute that you believe your heart holds any interest to someone like me. What am I saying? There is no one like me,” he taunts, then tilts his head to one side as if thinking how best to deliver his next line. “You promised me forever, princess, and there’s only one thing that is truly forever.” His eyes narrow, and the cruel smile that has been an almost permanent fixture since he brought me here, vanishes. His expression is chillingly vacant and so changed, I barely recognise this monster before me. “I’ve come for your soul, Tia.” He pulls back just enough to slide his hand into his back pocket, retrieving a long slim dagger. He flips it with ease, catching it and wrapping his fingers around the handle like it was moulded only to fit his hand. The tip of the blade is reflected in his eyes, and the sharp edge shines brightly, even in the dim light of the fading evening.

“I don’t understand. I didn’t do anything wrong. I love you,” I plead, my hand resting on his chest where his heart should be.

“I think, with that statement, you’ve answered your own question, haven’t you, princess?” His tone drops, and his expression is now deadly serious. He waits again for realisation of what he’s asking to slowly sink in. It doesn’t take long. No.

“I can’t do this.” I mouth the words because I can’t bring myself to say them out loud. It doesn’t matter. Whether he’s lip reading or mind reading, he knows me, and he knows this is no longer a choice I have to make.

“I know, princess…I know.” His voice is softly soothing, coaxing me, and I comply. His words are like a balm, hypnotic, and I find I am no longer able to resist or fight him. He places the blade in my hand, cupping his larger hands over the top and gripping tight. He twists the blade until it is pointed just below my rib cage and angled upward, perfectly aimed for maximum impact. I’m shaking my head because I know I can’t do what he’s asking me to do. Then he hugs me…he steps his strong body into mine and presses us both hard against the door.

“Ah! Oh…oh…please…please.” The dagger burns like a thousand blades as it pierces my skin. A tidal wave of pain tears through my body, and I continue to cry out. 

It hurts so much.

“I do love it when you beg.” He jolts the blade deeper, and I can feel it slicing through my flesh. The pain is unbearable. I can’t breathe. Every nerve is screaming in agony as I feel my lungs burn with the blood now filling them from inside. I start to choke. Even at this time, I take comfort from the knowledge that this flesh and blood pain is fleeting and is only a fraction of the devastation my heart feels. 

It will all be over soon.

“Why are you smiling?” My vision is a little blurry, but I can see the confusion on his face. 

“Because, at least this pain will end,” I answer, slumping against him with weakness. My words are faint. He tilts my head up; it’s too heavy for me to hold and flops to one side, but he is careful to ensure I am looking into his eyes when he speaks. He wants to make sure I truly understand my fate.

Author Bio
Dee Palmer lives just outside of London with her husband and (slightly embarrassed) children. Her passion is writing sexy steamy romance stories that will scorch the pages right off your kindle and are guaranteed to make your heart pound. She loves an HEA but isn’t afraid to put her readers through the ringer before she delivers.

When not at her desk she can be found either fannying around on Facebook or with her nose stuck in her Kindle. Once in a while when the lights are down she might be spotted about town searching for the best French martinis and throwing some dubious shapes on the dance floor.

Author Links


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Release Day with Excerpt and Giveaway ~ Tied to Hope by Red Phoenix

Title: Tied to Hope
Series: Brie’s Submission #18
Author: Red Phoenix
Genre: New Adult BDSM Romance
Release Date: October 15, 2019


“Welcome me home…”

I am deeper in love with Thane after the birth of our child, and I can’t believe the plans he has for our future. This is the stuff dreams are made of!

My joy is doubled when Rytsar Durov returns as a conquering hero.

In the midst of such bliss, a dark secret surfaces that has the power to tear our world apart.

Love has always been the cornerstone my submissive journey, and now I must make a heartbreaking choice.

What would you sacrifice for love?

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Rytsar turned to Brie with a wild gleam in his eyes, shouting, “Bezhat!”

She backed away from him, knowing he had commanded her to run, but it wasn’t until he lunged for her that she understood he was serious.

Her heart pounding in her chest, she looked at Sir and saw the same wild look in his eyes.

When both men started toward her as one unit, she suddenly understood what was happening.

This was her warrior fantasy being played out. Only, instead of one warrior wanting to claim her—she had two.

Brie immediately kicked off her sandals and turned, bolting toward the door. She flung it open with an excited squeal and she raced out of the house with both of them pursuing her.

Feeling the thrill of the chase, she ran as fast as she could down the sandy beach, trying to stay out of the reach of both men. She remembered how quickly Rytsar had captured her the first time and was determined not to be caught so easily this time around.

She could sense Sir and Rytsar drawing nearer and felt chills when one of their hands brushed against her skin as he reached out to grab her.

Remembering that the waves had tripped her up last time, Brie did her best to keep close to the edge of the shore on the firmer wet sand without getting too close to the water’s edge.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before her lungs began to burn.

Slowing down momentarily was enough to give her pursuers the advantage. Brie cried out when she felt the tight hold of Sir’s hand gripping her arm. She twisted around, trying to free herself, only to feel Rytsar wrap his arms around her waist as he carried her toward the water and flung her into the ocean.

She was hit by a wave as she scrambled back to the safety of the shore. An intoxicating thrill of fear took over when Rytsar grabbed both her feet and pulled her to him.

Brie let out a terrified scream when he flipped her over and Sir held her down by her wrists. Rytsar crushed her body with his weight.

She gasped for breath as another wave swirled around them and she looked up into her captor’s intense blue eyes.

There was a hint of fierceness in his gaze that caused her heart to race even more. Rytsar was a dangerous man, capable of great violence, but he was also a man of extreme passion and fierce love.

No matter how savage his soul, Brie would always trust him.

He leaned down and bit her neck while Sir tilted her head to get better access to her lips, claiming her mouth.

Brie was overwhelmed by the sense of helplessness caused by Rytsar’s teeth bruising her skin and Sir’s tongue ravaging her mouth. It was so fucking hot, knowing both men desired her.

Author Bio
Over Two Million readers have enjoyed Red’s stories.

USA Today Bestselling Author Red Phoenix is an award-winning romance author who gained popularity with her series, Brie’s Submission.
She also happens to be a submissive in real life and began writing Brie’s story so people everywhere could find out just how fun BDSM can be.


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Cover Reveal with Giveaway ~ The Escape Artist by Kitty Thomas

Title: The Escape Artist
Author: Kitty Thomas
Publication date: January 14th 2020
Genres: Erotica, Romance


Claire was held captive for 43 days by a man who did unspeakable things to her.

Three years after her escape, she gets her revenge. The only problem is, she’s got the wrong man.

God help her if he escapes.



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Author Bio:

KITTY THOMAS writes dark stories that play with power and have unconventional HEAs. She began publishing in early 2010 with her bestselling COMFORT FOOD and is considered one of the original authors of the dark romance subgenre.

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